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Adjust | Accommodate | Improve

Your workplace environment.

At DesignForm, we believe that Universally Accessible Furniture promotes

Enjoyable, Productive, Sustainable, and Healthy environments.


Our Collections of Contemporary Ergonomic Furniture

embody three decades of ​design and manufacturing knowledge

to accommodate your personal and aesthetic interests.

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Panel Mount Adjustable Desk or Table base
Height Adjustable
Panel Mount Bases
T-Leg adjustable table or desk base
Height Adjustable
T-leg Bases
Modular Adjustable T-leg base for tables and desks
Height Adjustable
Modular T-leg bases
This is an example of one of the patterns available in our 'panelabstracts' panels.
panel Abstracts Laminate Panels
Custom Furniture Solutions
The beautiful adjustable height corner desk, features a beautiful 'panelAbstract' top, ARC style base, in a white base finish.
Height Adjustable
Focal Point series
Height Adjustable Executive Furniture
A brushed steel woven front reception station is one of many custom receptions station designs available.
Reception Furniture
Transaction furniture
Transaction Furniture
Adj height conf. table
Conference Tables
Fixed & Adjustable Height
Architectural Furniture, including  ergonomic designed adjustable height  sinks, custom kitchens, and specialty  furniture.
Made to order Architectural Furniture & Products
Film Editing table
Height Adjustable Technical Furniture



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