Woven Front Reception Station
  • Absolute Black Granite Work surfaces
  • Woven Metal panel Front 
  • Metal Clad Vertical Surfaces
  • Stainless Brushed Columns
  • Laminate work surfaces (not shown)

Reception Solutions

Quarter Curve Reception Station
  • Glass transaction top
  • Ribbon and Pommele Cut Sapele
      Mahogany cladding 
  • Stainless Brushed Standoff posts
Glass and Stone Reception Station
  • White Stone Surfaces 
  • Tempered glass vertical fins
  • Stainless Brushed Center post and Trim
  • Wire management in posts
  • Under surface flush inset lights
Multi Post
U-Shape Reception Station
  • Solid and veneer Maple case
  • Walnut Finish
  • Stone Transaction Counter with Bow Front
  • Black Base
Rectilinear Reception Station
  • Leather covered vertical front panel 
  • Maple clad body 
  • Laminate work surface and drawer front
  • Brush metal feet and hardware